Monitoring the Weather Beyond the Soltis Center

Dr. G. Moore (TAMU-Ecosystem Science and Management) and Dr. E. Gonzalez (TAMU-Soltis Center), installed three weather stations along the altitudinal gradient of the Penas Blancas river watershed.

Celebrating 10 Years

The Soltis Center: 10 Years Facilitating Research, Education and Community Service in Costa Rica (June 18th, 2009 –2019)

NSF Grant Awarded

The U.S. National Science Foundation recently announced that a grant for over $1.2M has been awarded to a four-year collaborative research project among Texas A&M University, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and Iowa State University. Principal Investigators are Dr. Gretchen Miller (Texas A&M University), Drs. Brittany Duncan and Carrick Detweiler (University of Nebraska), and Dr. Josh Peschel (Iowa State University). Read more...