Traveling Tips

The following is a series of documents and links intended to provide general guidelines when planning, traveling, or staying at the Soltis Center.

  • For visa requirements in traveling to Costa Rica, please visit the web page of the Direccion General de Migracion y Extranjeria de Costa Rica: or contact the Study Abroad Program Office of your university or college.
  • For travel warnings and alerts to Costa Rica, visit the US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs at: or contact the Study Abroad Program of your university or college.
  • For vaccines and medicines, or Health Information for Travelers to Costa Rica, visit with your doctor or visit the CDC web page at:
  • Introduction for Risk Management in Costa Rica
  • Guidelines for Managing Risk in the Field
  • It is recommended to carry some cash (dollars). The exchange rate varies on a daily basis but for the current exchange rate, visit the Central Bank of Costa Rica website:
  • If bringing dollar bills, be sure to have low denomination bills of $20 dollar bills or less. Bills in the amount of $50 or $100 are hardly ever accepted locally. To exchange dollar bills to “colones”, we recommend exchanging at the local banks instead of at the airports. No U.S. coins are taken locally; only "colones", the local currency.
  • When walking out of the airport, there will be many people outside (taxi drivers, rental car people, etc.) offering to help with luggage and transportation. If you have made arrangements to have us waiting for you, look for the person with the Texas A&M University sign in-hand. Do not allow anyone else to handle your luggage.
  • Public shuttle schedules and information
  • Major credit cards are accepted in Costa Rica but be sure to have it activated for overseas traveling.
  • For those suffering with car sickness, bring medications with you. These types of medications can also be obtained locally.
  • Bring your prescription medications.

You should bring the following:
•             Rain gear (umbrella or raincoat)
•             Insect repellent
•             Suntan/sun block lotion
•             Flashlight (with rechargeable batteries)
•             Hiking shoes/boots
•             Swimsuits
•             Sandals/flip flops
•             Several extra pair of clothes
•             Sunglasses
•             Personal first aid kit
•             Hat/cap
•             Water canteen or bottle
•             Original and a copy of your personal insurance card
•             Personal identification card
•             Original and a copy of your passport
RECOMMENDED, if handy:
•             Binoculars
•             Camera
•             Laptop computer and flash drives