Research & Collecting Permit Application Form through the Soltis Center

I will comply with the following requirements and wish to be considered a researcher associated The Soltis Center for Research and Education of Texas A&M University in Costa Rica, following University and Costa Rican rules on research, collecting, and export permits.

The researcher(s) request for The Center to assist in processing research/collecting and exporting permits. I have read the information on permits and agree to comply with all requirements including deposit of duplicate specimens when required, filling progress reports, and sending copies of publications related to this field work. I will be personally liable under Costa Rican laws for any misrepresentations or illegal collecting or exporting.

Please fill out the form, you sign by entering your name. Before clicking submit, read below:

Clicking submit sends the information directly to the Soltis Center.                               

Send by email to: egonzalez.soltis[at] 

To mail a paper copy: Before clicking submit, press on print screen and paste onto a Word document, mail directly to:

The Soltis Center for Research and Education
P.O. Box 80-4417 La Fortuna,
San Carlos, Costa Rica