New fly species to science named after Charles W. Soltis

Release Date: Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014
During the recent celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Soltis Center, a new species was proposed to be named after the Soltis Center as described by Dr. S.A. Marshall from the University of Guelph. The Diptera species to be named belongs to the Micropezidae family, and is to be presented to the world as a new species scientifically called Grallipeza Soltis. As stated in the etymology of the name by the author, "the specific name is a patronym honoring Charles W. Soltis, donor of the Texas A&M Soltis Center for Research and Education. The forest has been preserved thanks to his vision, is one of the two type localities for this species."  This is in recognition of the fundamental role the Soltis Center plays in facilitating research and academic activities in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. We all feel honored with this dedication.