Events at the Soltis Center

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

During November of 2019, the Soltis Center for Research and Education in Costa Rica celebrated it's 10 year anniversary and conducted a celebration to mark the occasion. Soltis Center family members, local officials, Texas A&M administrators, local staff, and students attended in celebration of the 10 year marker.

Many present were in agreement that Mr. Bill Soltis and his wife Wanda Soltis' unique vision had not only come to fruition but that they would have been quite proud of their ongoing and growing accomplishment. Family members remember the circumstances surrounding the project from it's beginnings.

Please use the links below to view clips of family interviews or to view the program in its entirety from the anniversary event.

Kim Soltis-Hammer - daughter of Bill & Wanda Soltis
Matt Hammer - the Soltis' son-in-law
Suzette James - the Soltis' granddaughter 

Full Celebration Video-Part I
Full Celebration Video-Part II

Please use the video links below to view full videos of the celebration in Costa Rica attended by the family of Bill and Wanda Soltis, local officials, Texas A&M University administration, current and former faculty, staff, current  and former students, as well as Soltis Center personnel.

Anniversary Celebration
Video - Part 1

Anniversary Celebration
Video - Part 2