Soltis Center Staff

Dr. Eugenio Gonzalez at the Soltis Center
Dr. Eugenio Gonzalez
Soltis Center 

Responsibilities include overseeing administrative functions of the Center; facilitating academic programs for students; supporting researchers; developing and supervising the Center’s outreach efforts within the local community and throughout Costa Rica. The Director reports to the Vice Provost of Texas A&M University.

Johan - Soltis Center staff member
Johan Rodriguez
General Operations Manager                              johan.rodriguez[at]

Oversees day-to-day operations of the Soltis Center, including general purchases, human resources, payroll, customer service, and general coordination of operations.

Ronald - Soltis Center staff member       
Ronald Vargas
Assistant Director

Assists the Soltis Center Director with management and operations, especially related to Special Projects. Also coordinates with resident biologists on all academic and research activities at the Soltis Center.

Noylin - Soltis Center staff member
Noylin Rodriguez
Manager In-Country Services & Logistics 
Assists the Soltis Center Director with programmatic activities at the center, including public relations and outreach with local communities and institutions. Also assists the Operations Manager with Research and Academic Programs at the center.

 Olvaldo - Soltis Center staff memberOsvaldo Arroyo 
 Juan Carlos - Soltis Center staff member 
   Juan Carlos Rojas   
Benedicto - Soltis Center staff member Benedicto Vega   

 Cristian - Soltis Center staff memberCristian Munoz  
Outdoor Maintenance
 Nathaly - Soltis Center staff member     
     Nathaly Carvajal     
Kitchen Assistant
Ligia - Soltis Center staff memberLigia Castro
Kitchen Assistant
Yadira - Soltis Center staff member
 Yadira Espinoza 
  Kitchen/Cleaning Asst. 
Seidy - Soltis Center staff member 
Seidy Matamoros 
Kitchen/Cleaning Asst. 
Ingrid - Soltis Center staff member
Ingrid Sanchez  Kitchen/Cleaning Asst.
 Elena - Soltis Center staff member
Elena Vargas
Cleaning Assistant
Adriana - Soltis Center staff member 
Adriana Villegas
Kitchen Assistant