Mission and Vision

Please click the on the link below to view a brief testimonial by Dr. Chris Houser, former Texas A&M University professor in the College of Geosciences, on the Soltis Center in Costa Rica and its impacts.

Dr. Chris Houser (University of Windsor) 


The Center’s mission is to serve as the official institutional representation of Texas A&M University in Costa Rica and to assist in the internationalization of education, research and outreach programs in support of the university’s goals. The Center supports the University’s initiatives in Costa Rica and throughout Central America.


The vision of Bill and Wanda Soltis, the donors of the Center, was to have a facility that could provide enriching international experiences for Aggies while protecting the Center’s unique ecology and to create greater awareness of the need for preservation of our natural heritage.


  • The Soltis Center deepens the University’s commitment to education and research by broadening and diversifying its offerings in both areas.
  • The Soltis Center strengthens the University’s fields of studies by developing institutional capacity to teach the next generation of scientists, practitioners, and policymakers concerning sustainability and issues in the tropics.
  • The Soltis Center establishes links with Costa Rican and Central American institutions for the purpose of promoting collaborative research and learning experiences between the University and counterparts throughout the region.
  • The Soltis Center facilitates community service projects and sustainable activities in and around its facilities to enhance the sustainable use and conservation of tropical resources and further the development of rural communities.

Through these objectives, the Soltis Centers seeks to:

  • Train succeeding generations of Texas A&M students with the aid of experiential, field-based learning.
  • Catalyze and facilitate critical and innovative research in the biological, physical, and social sciences.
  • Serve as a major international location for research and education in sustainability issues and wise stewardship of natural resources.
  • Help promote new models of global partnerships that enhance training and research.
  • Share expertise and information broadly through information networks, both local and international.
  • To encourage in its alumni in all careers with the recognition of the importance of the tropics and the value of research on sustainability.

In all these endeavors, the Center aims to create and set in place programs, facilities, and services that are seen as standards of excellence.