How Do I place a reservation for the Soltis Center? 

Please contact the Soltis Center’s Director (Dr. Eugenio Gonzalez – egonzalez.soltis.center[at]tamu.edu) or use the reservations tab below the Visiting Soltis header. The Center can arrange and facilitate most of the local logistics.

What services does the Soltis Center provide?

The Soltis Center provides beds and linens, three meals a day, high speed internet connection  (Wi-Fi), classroom space, library/public computer access, a faculty lounge for academic groups, additional space for conversations and coffee, introductory talk, half-day guided walks in the center's forest, and video conference facilities. For researchers: lab space, working benches and desks are provided. An institutional letterhead is required as proof of supporting the academic activity to be carried out at the Center and fulfill the signed contract requirement.

Do I need permits for doing research at the Soltis Center or in Costa Rica?

Everyone who captures, handles, or transports plants, animals, or microorganisms in Costa Rica for scientific study must register their project, obtain government wildlife service (MINAET) research permits, and submit biannual reports to the government. Anyone collecting plant samples or capturing wild animals for teaching purposes or scientific research (pollinia or scat samples, re-capture, among others) must pay an additional fee for obtaining a collecting license, even if specimens are later released. Collecting permits must be obtained even for purely observational research if the research is to be carried out in a National Park. Research and related collecting permits (if needed) are valid for six months, and can be renewed. The export of wildlife from Costa Rica for scientific purposes also requires one or more government export permits. The Soltis Center can assist students, researchers and faculty to obtain the permits, if required. Please contact the Soltis Center Director to obtain the guidelines for permit application.

Who needs visa to travel to Costa Rica and visit the Soltis Center? 

For visa requirements for visiting Costa Rica, please visit the web page of the Direccion General de Migracion y Extranjeria de Costa Rica at http://www.costarica-embassy.org/index.php?q=node/72 or the study abroad office at your university or college.

What do I bring if visiting the Soltis Center? 

Please use the Visiting Soltis header and click the traveling tips tab for more information.

What vaccines and medicines do I need to take before traveling to Costa Rica?

For vaccines and medicines, or Health Information for Travelers to Costa Rica, ask your doctor or visit the CDC web page link below: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/costa-rica.

What is the Costa Rican currency and the exchange rate?  

The Costa Rica currency is the Colon, and the exchange rate varies on a daily basis. For the current exchange rate, visit the Banco Central de Costa Rica (link unavailable),