Traveling Tips

The following is a series of documents and links intended to provide general guidelines when planning, traveling, or staying at the Soltis Center.

You should bring the following:
•             Rain gear (umbrella or raincoat)
•             Insect repellent
•             Suntan/sun block lotion
•             Flashlight (with rechargeable batteries)
•             Hiking shoes/boots
•             Swimsuits
•             Sandals/flip flops
•             Several extra pair of clothes
•             Sunglasses
•             Personal first aid kit
•             Hat/cap
•             Water canteen or bottle
•             Original and a copy of your personal insurance card
•             Personal identification card
•             Original and a copy of your passport
RECOMMENDED, if handy:
•             Binoculars
•             Camera
•             Laptop computer and flash drives